In the context of Yorkshire regional government, or devolution if you wish, the term engagement is all about the involvement of people in this crucial subject which could transform lives for the better beyond recognition. Given the importance of the topic, you would think that engagement would not be a problem and that the public […]

Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament : Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament is due to be held at the Brian Jackson Centre in Huddersfield on Saturday 10 November starting at 13.30. The meeting is free, but we understand that it is “by invitation” only. Further details can be found on the campaign website www.yorkshireparliament.org.uk

Brexit Update

Given the state of the Brexit negotiations, it has become apparent that a no deal scenario could present significant risks to many organisations, our own included. It is also clear that there will be little time, if any, for the government to put the necessary structures in place to cope with the various additional requirements […]

Introducing the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament

Things simply cannot be allowed to carry on as they have been – the people of Yorkshire deserve much better. Even the Government’s own recent Northern Powerhouse so-called Independent Economic Review (NPIER) found that over the past thirty years the economic productivity gap between the North and the rest of England equated to £4,800 per […]

Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament

Transforming Yorkshire supports the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament. The Campaign was originally launched in July 2019 to campaign for a directly elected parliament for Yorkshire which would be responsible for the delivery of all public services within the county. Since July 2019 a lot has been written about the future governance of Yorkshire. In […]

Think Yorkshire

Think Yorkshire is a think tank that is in the process of being set up by Yorkshire business people, academics, politicians and representatives of the regional Trades Union Congress. The aim is to generate policy ideas to improve the economic and social well-being of Yorkshire. It will provide an analysis of the state of Yorkshire […]

Future Focus

The following article was supplied by Transforming Yorkshire (Research) In thinking about where we will be in a few years time it is worth considering what some aspects of the overall environment might look like. This is not a detailed assessment of everything. It is more a snapshot of some key happenings that are already […]

“One Yorkshire” Gathering

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, hosted a gathering of 100 political, business and civic leaders at Bishopthorpe Palace in York on 1st August, Yorkshire Day. The primary purpose of the gathering was, evidently, to try to move forward the “One Yorkshire” devolution initiative which has not yet found favour with the Westminster government. […]

Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament kicks off in Driffield

The “Convening Group” for the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament met formally for the first time in Driffield on Wednesday 18 July. A steering group was appointed consisting of Andy Walker, Chairman; Philip Hardstone, Secretary; and Richard Honnoraty, Treasurer. It was decided that the formal launch of the campaign would take place in September/October with […]

Heathrow Expansion Plans

Transforming Yorkshire strongly opposes plans for a third runway at Heathrow on the grounds that it could adversely affect the development of airports in Yorkshire and, in fact, could lead to a reduction in services to and from the region. We also believe that some of the vast sums earmarked for public transport improvements to […]