Brexit Update

Given the state of the Brexit negotiations, it has become apparent that a no deal scenario could present significant risks to many organisations, our own included. It is also clear that there will be little time, if any, for the government to put the necessary structures in place to cope with the various additional requirements that this scenario might bring with it. When the outcome is so uncertain, there is very little that organisations, businesses and the general population can do to mitigate the risks involved. It seems almost ludicrous that a government, by its own ineptitude, could get into a situation where it subjects its population to risk in this manner.

As an organization, there are contingency measures that we can take to reduce those risks which could affect us. These risks are centred around future funding and access to project funding which, to a great extent, are dependent on the general health of the economy. These contingency arrangements have now been enacted. We can only hope that these measures prove to be “over-engineering” on our part and that the economy in general and the Yorkshire economy, in particular, are not adversely affected by the current uncertainty.

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