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Transforming Yorkshire is about Yorkshire, the three ridings and the city of York; for Yorkshire folk taking control of Yorkshire affairs; and, for Transforming God’s Own County into the best place in the world to live, work and play! (But keep it quiet.)

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Transforming Yorkshire Closure

Transforming Yorkshire will close down on 31 May 2024. It was always intended that this small informal organisation would be replaced in due course by a formal coordinated campaign. Campaigns have come and gone but an effective, formal, coordinated campaign for Yorkshire has yet to materialise. We still believe that the advantages of Yorkshire folk […]

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General Election 2024

Transforming Yorkshire would like to see the following reforms adopted by the next government of the UK. 1. The recognition of Yorkshire as a regional entity in its own right together with a nominal custodian administration and advisory body. 2. A commitment to the establishment of a Yorkshire Parliament with full authority over the region, […]

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Yorkshire Pledge

Yorkshire is an amazing place. It’s got its own territory, a population of fantastic people, its own brand, traditions and culture. Yorkshire is a diverse place full of opportunity. Yorkshire also has its problems. The overcentralised UK governmental system has effectively discriminated against Yorkshire over the years in terms of financial and economic support and […]

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