Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament

Transforming Yorkshire supports the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament.


The Campaign was originally launched in July 2019 to campaign for a directly elected parliament for Yorkshire which would be responsible for the delivery of all public services within the county.

Since July 2019 a lot has been written about the future governance of Yorkshire. In May 2021 Transforming Yorkshire and Empowering Yorkshire issued the following statement as part of our submission to the House of Lords Constitution Committee:

“Yorkshire should have a regional government for the whole of the county drawn from a directly elected parliament. The responsibilities and authority for this government should be based on a Yorkshire Constitutional Settlement, citizen-framed in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity.  The Yorkshire political system would be based on deliberative, participative democracy using a “fair votes” electoral system and would be informed by extensive open research, supported by an independent and democratically accountable regional media facility complying with standards of integrity, honesty, balance, and truth.”

Future campaigning for a Yorkshire Parliament is likely to be based around this statement.

At the time of writing (25 Jan 2022) the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament does not have its own dedicated website, so we hope to bring you any news of developments here.

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Below are some thoughts on the concept of a Yorkshire Parliament from the general public.

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