Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament kicks off in Driffield

The “Convening Group” for the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament met formally for the first time in Driffield on Wednesday 18 July. A steering group was appointed consisting of Andy Walker, Chairman; Philip Hardstone, Secretary; and Richard Honnoraty, Treasurer. It was decided that the formal launch of the campaign would take place in September/October with a public meeting, the location and exact date and time have yet to be decided.

Driffield town centre

The Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament is being set up to campaign for a directly elected regional parliament which would have extensive powers of government within the county. These powers have yet to be defined but some would say that Scotland provides the sort of example that Yorkshire should follow. Supporters believe that an assembly or parliament would provide more focus, accountability and a more streamlined system of administration than other suggested options for regional government/devolution. Proponents will also say that the adoption of a Yorkshire Parliament is not dependent on any devolution deals that may or may not be currently on offer.

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