The People’s Constitution for Yorkshire

Philip Hardstone, the lead author on the People’s Constitution for Yorkshire project and the Coordinator of Democratic Yorkshire, introduces the People’s Constitution for Yorkshire.

The People’s Constitution is all about providing fair, sound governance arrangements for the people of Yorkshire and the Yorkshire region.  This will be achieved by securing sovereign control of our own internal affairs within a Federal Britain, as opposed to continuing being managed from outside by a centralised British government and Parliament.

This constitution will provide a regional parliament and enable people to come together starting in their local community to talk issues through, express their concerns, exchange ideas, and come to a solution by consensus.

The first part of the constitution (clauses 1-6) sets out its objectives, the reasons for its existence, what it is intended to achieve. The remainder sets out the political structures and procedures deemed necessary to achieve these objectives.

No one is claiming this constitution is perfect, it is the first stab at getting something down.  There is an opportunity to leave your comments aside of each clause, these will be treated confidentially.  A review of the whole document will take place in September 2024, around the time of International Democracy Day and presented for your approval.

For further information and leave your comments go to  Democratic Yorkshire  whilst there, please also consider signing Democratic Yorkshire’s declaration of intent. This will make it easier for us to keep you up to date on what is happening.

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