Transforming Yorkshire Closure

Transforming Yorkshire will close down on 31 May 2024. It was always intended that this small informal organisation would be replaced in due course by a formal coordinated campaign. Campaigns have come and gone but an effective, formal, coordinated campaign for Yorkshire has yet to materialise. We still believe that the advantages of Yorkshire folk […]

Yorkshire Declaration Progress

The live reading of The Yorkshire Declaration duly took place at 12.00 noon on 1st April at the Eye of York. It was attended by about a dozen people. The event was preceded by a short publicity campaign which included articles in the Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Bylines and on several other websites. A video of […]

Mayoral Elections

There will be five combined authority mayoral elections taking place in Yorkshire on 2nd May. These will be to elect mayors for West Yorkshire; South Yorkshire, some areas of which extend beyond Yorkshire’s boundaries; York and North Yorkshire; Tees Valley, those areas south of the Tees are within Yorkshire; and Greater Manchester, which includes Saddleworth. […]

Yorkshire 2035

“Yorkshire 2035 – The New Assembly, is the final book in The Yorkshire Trilogy, completing the journey from feasibility study (Yorkshire, The Case for Independence), through gaining a degree of recognition (Yorkshire 2027, A Strategy for Tomorrow) to finally achieving influence. The book picks up from 2027, a time when the ruling party’s majority was […]

Yorkshire Declaration News

The Yorkshire Declaration has reached its initial target of 100 signatories. It will be officially released in early April and we understand that the release will be accompanied by a media campaign. We believe that consideration is being given to holding some sort of conference on Yorkshire’s future on 31st July, but no further details […]

Liberating Yorkshire

Democratic Yorkshire has now become Liberating Yorkshire. “Liberating Yorkshire is a new campaign. Liberating Yorkshire is about freeing the region from the grips of the ineffective Westminster system of government, creating positive change and breathing new energy into the area.” Please follow the link to the Liberating Yorkshire website for more details.

Vote for Yorkshire

For the last 50 or so years we have elected governments which have consistently failed to address the problems of our region. It looks as though we are on course to do exactly the same thing again. This is madness. We need to be asking searching questions about how candidates are going to be able […]

The Yorkshire Declaration

This declaration will be read out loud on 1st April 2024 to mark the 50th anniversary of the implementation of the 1972 Local Government Act which abolished the thousand year old East, North and West Ridings of Yorkshire. We are seeking 100 signatories to this declaration from across Yorkshire, representing the county’s beautiful diversity of […]

General Election 2024

Transforming Yorkshire would like to see the following reforms adopted by the next government of the UK. 1. The recognition of Yorkshire as a regional entity in its own right together with a nominal custodian administration and advisory body. 2. A commitment to the establishment of a Yorkshire Parliament with full authority over the region, […]

News Roundup January 2024

2024 There are quite a few things happening this month as 2024 is a significant year for the Yorkshire devolution campaign. It is the 50th anniversary of the implementation of the 1972 Local Government Act which created a patchwork of local government administrative areas whilst the historic county of Yorkshire remained intact. This led some […]