Vote for Yorkshire

For the last 50 or so years we have elected governments which have consistently failed to address the problems of our region. It looks as though we are on course to do exactly the same thing again. This is madness. We need to be asking searching questions about how candidates are going to be able […]

The Yorkshire Declaration

This declaration will be read out loud on 1st April 2024 to mark the 50th anniversary of the implementation of the 1972 Local Government Act which abolished the thousand year old East, North and West Ridings of Yorkshire. We are seeking 100 signatories to this declaration from across Yorkshire, representing the county’s beautiful diversity of […]

The People’s Constitution for Yorkshire

Philip Hardstone, the lead author on the People’s Constitution for Yorkshire project and the Coordinator of Democratic Yorkshire, introduces the People’s Constitution for Yorkshire. The People’s Constitution is all about providing fair, sound governance arrangements for the people of Yorkshire and the Yorkshire region.  This will be achieved by securing sovereign control of our own […]

The Westminster Government’s Treatment of Yorkshire is both cynical and Insidious

Neither the government nor the opposition recognise Yorkshire; levelling up is just a slogan; and devolution is a myth. Westminster cannot be trusted to deliver for Yorkshire. The way the Westminster government has treated Yorkshire is both cynical and insidious. By not recognising Yorkshire as a separate entity, they hope to reduce its influence for […]

Yorkshire – The Case for Independence

Yorkshire The Case for Independence is a book written by Steve Mullins and published in 2020. Whatever your views on Yorkshire Independence, this book provides some useful insights into where Yorkshire is now and how we might progress; well worth a read. “An independent Yorkshire is not only achievable but also economically sustainable and socially […]

Why We Must Invest For Yorkshire’s Future

We have failed to invest sufficiently in Yorkshire’s economy for at least the last fifty years. We have paid for this in the past, we are paying for it now, and we will pay dearly for it in the future unless this fundamental weakness is addressed as a matter of priority. Yorkshire is not a […]

Why Yorkshire Should Have Its Own Parliament

The following article was created by artificial intelligence. Whilst the article is quite readable and soundly based, it does not really give due consideration to some of the more emotive issues, such as inequality, lack of recognition, lack of Yorkshire representation, poor infrastructure, and a weak economy, plus the fact that the Westminster political system […]

A People’s Constitution for Yorkshire : Setting out the Constitution’s aims

This is the first of a series of five discussion papers to be published over the next 14 months as the development of the People’s Constitution for Yorkshire gradually takes shape.  It is a consultation document and foretaste to our workshop on 17 May 2023 about the constitutions aims.  Whether it be for the governance […]