Yorkshire – The Case for Independence

Yorkshire The Case for Independence is a book written by Steve Mullins and published in 2020. Whatever your views on Yorkshire Independence, this book provides some useful insights into where Yorkshire is now and how we might progress; well worth a read.

“An independent Yorkshire is not only achievable but also economically sustainable and socially desirable. Properly managed, independence for the county can redress some of the bias and neglect the county has suffered over many decades of Westminster’s unfair allocation of resources.

This is a story of perceived injustice; not only financial neglect but also emotional and social neglect. As people, we feel an injustice has been done when someone else gets a bit more than we do for achieving the same things – and it’s deep seated. People have battled against inequality for years. And this inequality continues to increase whatever spin Westminster sees fit to give it.

I argue that Yorkshire is a state of mind as much as it is a county – a collection of like minds who can disagree creatively and amicably to bring a bit of common sense to the table, level the playing field in a spirit of common benefit and reach a mutually advantageous decision without waffle, prevarication and obfuscation. Given independence I believe you will agree that we can bring Yorkshire back to what it once was – the driving force behind the UK.”

Yorkshire – The Case for Independence is available from good bookshops and Amazon.

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