One Yorkshire Open Letter

A small group of Yorkshire businesspeople has come together to support the case for One Yorkshire devolution which could be worth £30BN a year to the region. We believe it could be worth a lot more than that. They have written the following open letter to the main political parties. While the letter is primarily directed at business, others can also sign. Let’s give them a helping hand.

“Yorkshire’s economy has fantastic potential but it is being held back by an over-centralised approach. Our economy is in decline and some parts of Yorkshire now have lower productivity than in some parts of East Germany before unification happened.

So please join us.

We are asking business leaders across Yorkshire to support the One Yorkshire devolution model and sign this open letter to the main political parties of the United Kingdom to adopt this policy in their election manifestos.  

The Case for One Yorkshire Devolution.

Yorkshire is not only one of the poorest regions in the UK but also amongst the poorest in Europe.

In 2018 Yorkshire council leaders asked the government to work with them to deliver a One Yorkshire devolution deal which could provide a £30BN-a-year boost to the region and the UK.

The findings of an independent study were included in the submission to the government setting out the compelling case for the One Yorkshire devolution model.

The research identified that Yorkshire-level devolution could deliver profound benefits in the areas of transport, trade, inward investment and higher-level skills.

In addition, the leverage of the success of the Yorkshire brand and identity is hugely important as business faces uncertainty in national and international markets.

The government rejected Yorkshire’s proposal in favour of ad hoc devolution to mayoral authorities and something called levelling up. Whilst there have been some successes with both of these policies, levelling up has largely failed to deliver and the general trend for the region is one of further economic and social decline.

We are respectfully requesting that the Labour Party, Conservative Party, Liberal Democrats and Green Party adopt a manifesto promise to support the One Yorkshire devolution model and establish a regional government for Yorkshire. They key missions of the regional government would be to drive economic growth, enhance social cohesion, drive up standards of service in all areas and provide the means for the region to achieve its full potential. This could be used as a template for governance in other regions if Yorkshire achieves the success envisaged.”

To sign the open letter, follow this link.

To sign the Yorkshire Pledge, follow this link.

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