Yorkshire Pledge

Yorkshire is an amazing place. It’s got its own territory, a population of fantastic people, its own brand, traditions and culture. Yorkshire is a diverse place full of opportunity.

Yorkshire also has its problems. The overcentralised UK governmental system has effectively discriminated against Yorkshire over the years in terms of financial and economic support and political influence. This has led to an inadequate and outdated infrastructure, plus insufficient funds for investment, development and public services. In turn, this has resulted in an abysmal public transport service, as well as poor health, education, employment, and social outcomes. Yorkshire’s territorial integrity (which goes back over a thousand years) has also been put at risk by unsympathetic pen pushers.

Yorkshire has the economic size to prosper but it is not a political entity, so nobody has the authority to speak for the whole county.

We believe that Yorkshire people are best placed to solve Yorkshire’s problems. We know what we want. Together we can secure Yorkshire’s future and achieve our full potential.

Make the pledge to show that Yorkshire is a force to be reckoned with and deserves more.

I want Yorkshire to have a future.

I believe that Yorkshire should be a recognised political entity with its own government, the form and powers of which should be decided by the Yorkshire people and agreed with the government of the UK.

The Small Print

The Yorkshire Pledge is an informal expression of support for Yorkshire. Signatories are under no obligation whatsoever. We will only use the data to gauge support for Yorkshire as a form of political entity. Depending on the response to the Pledge, at some time in the future a formal campaign and/or petition may be launched. In this event, by opting into further communications, signatories may be asked if they would like to support this future campaign. The Pledge is open to all residents of Yorkshire over the age of majority; other UK citizens and citizens of other countries who have a connection with the county.

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Further information about the Pledge can be found here.

More information about Transforming Yorkshire can be found here.

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