An Efficient Public Transport System That Works for Everyone

Buses on Park Row Leeds

In the same spirit that the NHS was created over half a century ago, our third objective is to build an efficient public transport system that works for everyone, that is reliable, comfortable, convenient, and free at the time of use.

We can tackle poverty and social exclusion by extending access across urban and rural Yorkshire; this will be a financial relief for workers, parents, and carers on low incomes, and make it even easier for families to switch from car journeys to more eco-friendly bus rides and train journeys.

Building free transport links between rural communities brings forward the possibility of economic regeneration in rural Yorkshire, where greater interconnectivity and public investment could instigate growth and begin to reverse the exodus of young people from small towns and villages.

Free public transport would be amongst the biggest single pro-environment policies enacted by any government anywhere on the planet, dramatically slashing car use and CO2 emissions.

It would cut the number of road accidents, reducing human suffering and relieving pressure on the NHS and the emergency services and reduce the levels of asthma and other respiratory illnesses, which have risen steeply in line with the expansion of road traffic.

Bradford Interchange Railway Station

Free public transport would be good for Yorkshire’s economy by potentially increasing the spending power of workers, help increase business efficiency and productivity: the CBI estimates that traffic congestion costs business across Britain between £15 and £20-billion a year. It would also bring hundreds of millions of pounds into the Yorkshire economy every year from increased visitor numbers.

Finally, free fares would reduce Yorkshire’s reliance on depleting oil reserves and current cost of living crises; 67 per cent of all oil produced globally is used for transport.

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