Yorkshire Regional Government

We support a regional government for Yorkshire for the following reasons:-

1. Yorkshire is a separate “stand-alone” region with its own strong identity, defined boundaries and spirit of community;

2. The Yorkshire economy is diverse, integral and has huge potential;

3. The Yorkshire brand is well known;

4. Yorkshire has the economic scale to prosper;

5. From our research, it is apparent that many services such as policing, health, education, transport and economic and industrial policy are best dealt with at a regional level. Moreover, some major infrastructure projects, for example, the building of a world-class international airport to service the whole region, and the creation of rapid transit systems for key urban areas simply could not be tackled by existing local authorities as they do not have access to the means to carry out such major projects successfully;

6. Regional government is inclusive whereas devolution based around medium-sized urban areas such as West and South Yorkshire is not (Those of us in the north and east also want to be better connected to the urban areas within Yorkshire as well as those beyond so that we may visit them and their people can visit us, thus vastly improving the flow of trade.);

7. Regional government will provide us with a voice on an international as well as national scale; and

8. A regional government will focus on regional issues, will have more in-depth knowledge of the problems facing us, will be closer to the people and should be accountable to the local electorate.

Our ultimate aim is that of a regional government for Yorkshire based around the concept of subsidiarity whereby all public services within the region would fall under the remit of the regional government and its subsidiary authorities. The regional government would be drawn from a directly elected assembly. In terms of public services, the region should be self-financing. (Subsidiarity is a principle of social organisation that holds that social and political issues should be dealt with at the most immediate level that is consistent with their resolution.)

The type of government envisaged would be a more deliberative form of democracy than that which currently exists. This type of government should further empower citizens and encourage them to participate more fully in governing processes. Deliberative democracy would extend from community level right up to the regional government.

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