General Election 2024

Transforming Yorkshire would like to see the following reforms adopted by the next government of the UK. 1. The recognition of Yorkshire as a regional entity in its own right together with a nominal custodian administration and advisory body. 2. A commitment to the establishment of a Yorkshire Parliament with full authority over the region, […]

Yorkshire Pledge

Yorkshire is an amazing place. It’s got its own territory, a population of fantastic people, its own brand, traditions and culture. Yorkshire is a diverse place full of opportunity. Yorkshire also has its problems. The overcentralised UK governmental system has effectively discriminated against Yorkshire over the years in terms of financial and economic support and […]

Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament

Transforming Yorkshire supports the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament. The Campaign was originally launched in July 2019 to campaign for a directly elected parliament for Yorkshire which would be responsible for the delivery of all public services within the county. Since July 2019 a lot has been written about the future governance of Yorkshire. In […]

Yorkshire Regional Government

We support a regional government for Yorkshire for the following reasons:- 1. Yorkshire is a separate “stand-alone” region with its own strong identity, defined boundaries and spirit of community; 2. The Yorkshire economy is diverse, integral and has huge potential; 3. The Yorkshire brand is well known; 4. Yorkshire has the economic scale to prosper; […]