Yorkshire 2035

“Yorkshire 2035 – The New Assembly, is the final book in The Yorkshire Trilogy, completing the journey from feasibility study (Yorkshire, The Case for Independence), through gaining a degree of recognition (Yorkshire 2027, A Strategy for Tomorrow) to finally achieving influence.

The book picks up from 2027, a time when the ruling party’s majority was slim and they were either over-ruled on new legislation or proved themselves quite incapable of managing a collapsing economy, artificial intelligence and crumbling infrastructure.

The political cycle was turning from a period of negative decisions (you can’t do that) and excessive documentation (we have a plan – several plans) to a time when experimentation, innovation and novelty at last escaped from the bottle and a new period of positivity began – and now with Yorkshire at the forefront.

The story is of Yorkshire rising above the chaos and ineptitude of Westminster to create its own assembly, a written constitution and a local currency; activities that served as the foundation stones of a system that embraced and developed a challenging future.

A movement that restored dignity, liberty and freedom to the people of Yorkshire – at last shaking off a detached elite, languishing some 200 miles away in London.

Join in. Enjoy.”

“Yorkshire 2035 The New Assembly – A Scenario” written by Steve Mullins is now available from good bookshops and Amazon.

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