Political Reform Deserves Due Consideration

At the last meeting of Transforming Yorkshire, Richard Honnoraty said that the group would like to see the following desirable political reforms given due consideration during the run up to the next UK general election: fair votes; devolution on the basis of subsidiarity, including a Yorkshire Parliament; a more participative, representative democracy; and an end to the UK’s adversarial political system. We would also like to see more collaboration and cooperation in political circles.

In the longer term, we really need a proper codified constitution for the UK based around equality and citizenship. The current unwritten constitution is very difficult to unravel, and it has substantial inequalities built into it. The People’s Constitution for Yorkshire was designed to show the way forward but the fact that it has not yet been formally delivered is a setback, however, we are expecting positive news very shortly.

Richard said that in his view, the current political system has been shown to be biased and unfair. It has delivered a catalogue of failed policies and projects which have cost Yorkshire (and the rest of the UK) dearly. Westminster cannot be trusted to deliver for Yorkshire.

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