Selby and Ainsty By-election Result

Keir Mather won the Selby and Ainsty by-election for Labour with 16,456 votes, a majority of 4,161 over Claire Holmes who came second for the Conservative Party on 12,295. Arnold Warneken for the Greens came third with 1,838 votes. The Labour Party increased their votes by nearly 3,000 on the 2019 general election but the Tory vote collapsed from 33,995.

The smaller parties did not do too well at all. Mike Jordan, for the Yorkshire Party, came fourth with 1,503 votes and Matt Walker, for the LibDems, came sixth on 1,188. The turnout was low with 35,886 people voting, or 44.8% of eligible voters, compared with 56,418 or 71.7% at the 2019 general election.

Elsewhere the Tories clung on to Uxbridge by 495 votes but in Somerton and Frome, Sarah Dyke was elected for the LibDems with 21,187 votes (54.6% of the votes cast).

The full results for Selby and Ainsty are below.

Party                                  Candidate                                                     Votes                  %

Labour                              Keir Mather                                                   16,456                46

Conservative                    Claire Holmes                                               12,295                34.3

Green                                Arnold Warneken                                          1,838                   5.1

Yorkshire                           Mike Jordan                                                    1,503                   4.2

Reform UK                        Dave Kent                                                         1,332                  3.7

Liberal Democrats           Matt Walker                                                     1,188                  3.3

Independent                    Nick Palmer                                                          342                 1.0

SDP                                   John Waterstone                                                 314                 0.9

Monster Raving Loony   Sir Archibald Stanton                                          172                 0.5

Heritage                            Guy Phoenix                                                        162                 0.5

Independent                    Andrew Gray                                                          99                 0.3

Independent                    Tyler Wilson-Kerr                                                  67                 0.2

Climate                              Luke Wellock                                                          39                 0.1

One thought on “Selby and Ainsty By-election Result

  1. Whilst Labour increased their vote significantly, this was small in relation to the collapse of the Conservative vote. The Establishment parties polled 28,751 of the 35,886 votes cast. This represents a very disappointing performance for the smaller parties, even taking into account the first past the post electoral system. It would appear that key messages are simply not getting across. It is also interesting to note that the turnout was low at 44.8%.

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