A People’s Constitution for Yorkshire

Below is a list of aims which a Constitution for Yorkshire might be expected to deliver. These are to be discussed at the Democratic Yorkshire Alliance seminar on 17 May 2023 “Create a People’s Constitution for Yorkshire”. The Alliance believes that a draft People’s Constitution “will provide a valuable bargaining chip when negotiating to achieve our shared aim”.

You could also add recognition, representation and ownership to this list. To a large extent, achievement of many of the aims on the list is dependent on gaining control over our own affairs as Westminster has taken more and more control over the years but things have got worse, not better. The first aim is highly significant but what does it actually mean and is the intention to achieve it within the current government framework?

Writing a draft constitution might be an interesting exercise but it needs support if it is to have any meaning or impact. Another issue is what we can expect a constitution to deliver. Is the Alliance trying to write too much into the constitution and/or would some of the aims be better left to the new political institutions (perhaps such as the Yorkshire Parliament) to deliver?

The People’s Constitution for Yorkshire is a radical attempt to move forward the Yorkshire devolution debate, but it might be better regarded as a blueprint for a UK wide governance solution rather than a purely Yorkshire solution.

This could be the most interesting event concerning Yorkshire devolution since 2018. To sign up, follow the link below.


1. Secure for the Yorkshire region sovereign control of its own affairs.

2. Combine effective citizen participation with a system of genuine representation.

3. Enable people to live a happy, fulfilling life.

4. Promote and protect the Yorkshire dialect.

5. Create a truly multi-racial and multi-cultural Yorkshire.

6. Empower local neighbourhoods.

7. Create a thriving community-led housing sector.

8. Connect people with nature.

9. Build a modern industrial base.

10. Secure a fairer, more even distribution of wealth.

11. Provide more free time and opportunity for meaningful activity.

12. Sustain our environment and eco-systems for future generations.

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