Development of the Yorkshire Economy

Transforming Yorkshire supports the development of the Yorkshire economy. We are all familiar with the statistics that Yorkshire has a population of over 5 million people and an economy worth £1112BN a year. Whilst this economic statistic looks fairly impressive at first glance, in terms of being part of one of the most developed economies […]

Fair Votes

Transforming Yorkshire supports a fair voting system. The current first past the post system used in most UK elections can often result in a situation where the composition of parliament does not reflect the votes cast by the electorate. As stated in our recent news article: “There are issues with this system as smaller parties […]

Yorkshire Devolution Financial Settlement

There seems to be an assumption by those supporting devolution to Yorkshire that any devolution deal between the national government and the region will include a favourable financial settlement. All sorts of ideas of what the region might do with this windfall have been put forward, however, the evidence suggests that no such windfall will […]