General Election 2024

Transforming Yorkshire would like to see the following reforms adopted by the next government of the UK.

1. The recognition of Yorkshire as a regional entity in its own right together with a nominal custodian administration and advisory body.

2. A commitment to the establishment of a Yorkshire Parliament with full authority over the region, i.e. full sovereign control over the region including taxation and the funding of public services. The UK would not be able to raise taxes in Yorkshire. The UK government would be given a budget by Yorkshire for Yorkshire’s contribution to national government expenditure.

3. An undertaking to introduce devolution on the basis of subsidiarity for the government of the Yorkshire region and any relationships with supra regional authorities.

4. A commitment to the adoption of a fair votes electoral system and the end of the first past the post system which leads to minority representation and disadvantages smaller parties and independents.

5. A commitment to a more participative representative democracy whereby citizens are properly consulted on issues likely to affect them.

6. A commitment to end the UK’s adversarial political system and encourage more cooperation and consensus politics.

7. The establishment of a Yorkshire Economic Development Body to champion the economy of the region and to work with others to secure the economic investment that the region needs to thrive; and also to help develop policies and strategies designed to assist in securing a prosperous future for the region. (As time progresses this work may be absorbed into that of the Yorkshire Parliament.)

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