Why I am content to sign the Yorkshire Pledge – along with many others of a like mind

Back in 2020 I published Yorkshire – The Case For Independence which is a feasibility study into whether Yorkshire could, actually, be independent. My conclusion is Yes We Can – we have the capability, mind-set and the finances (even before we include the £3bn of agricultural turnover).

I look now at the pantomime that is Westminster politics and reflect on what I wrote three years ago on page 64 of that book which reads:

Politics has, over the last fifty or so years, become ever more the province of the bullying narcissist with control in the hands of the very few – little different from medieval times where the monarch or local landowner had absolute power – one of the most worrying activities for a Prime Minister is a referendum because referenda hand over to Direct Democracy and cede power to the people.

By adopting an inclusive mind-set, control can be shared between a central function and the people being better represented with that central function managing the bigger (county-wide) issues and the electorate identifying which of those issues should have local priority.

However, this demands a different mind-set; one which I have not found in any psychometric – to work for others (altruistic) rather than to work for self.

The concept of co-operation needs to be there as well as the concept of competition – first is first, second is nowhere – fine on the sporting field but occasionally in society someone else’s needs must take priority over yours and the disadvantaged need to be supported.

If we are to rise up and tackle both poverty and inequality, we need both altruism and co-operation to make any inroads – something rare today in government, and which might explain the position we are now in”.

Never has there been a greater need for those of us in Yorkshire to take our future in our own hands, and for me, this is what the Yorkshire Pledge is about.

Steve Mullins. January 2023.

To sign the pledge, follow the link.

Find out more about Transforming Yorkshire here.

Steve’s book “Yorkshire The Case for Independence” is available from good booksellers and from Amazon.

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