Democratic Yorkshire Alliance Conventions Timetable

We cannot hope to address the poverty that exists in Yorkshire, growing inequality, poor housing, the quality of public services, the education gap, or the ecological sustainability of our County without first addressing the broken democracy that fails to respond to the genuine needs and moderate aspirations of its citizens.  

The absence of real democracy is at the heart of the multiple injustices that Yorkshire faces.

Now is the time to look for an alternative approach to governing our County, one that takes control from Whitehall and puts local people in charge of Yorkshire’s affairs.

A new Democratic Yorkshire will unite the County, provide a fair and just society, enable our citizens to fully participate in decision making, and provide hope of a better future for our children.

In the absence of any promise of sufficient action by HM Government or Opposition Parties, we are launching our own independent constitutional convention on Yorkshire’s democratic future, one that is citizen led.  

It is for the people of Yorkshire to settle on the recommendations for the County’s democratic future, involving as wide a representative group as it is possible for us to gather together.  But however well justified, any changes we propose to will require an Act of the UK Parliament to be implemented. 

We have given ourselves the deadline of Yorkshire Day (1st August) 2024 to have completed our recommendations ready to put to the One Yorkshire’s Leaders Board and in turn HM Government and Opposition Parties for their consideration.

Conventions Timetable:

The timetable below sets out a disciplined, step by step approach to the Citizens Convention.  Five separate steps altogether.   

The Conventions first task and step 1 will be to create a vision of the Yorkshire of the future.  In other words, the long-term outcomes it is hoped a new Democratic Yorkshire will achieve over time.  We are in the process of arranging a workshop for Saturday 13 May 2023, where this first task will be completed.  Joining details to be published shortly.  

The second task before the Convention will be to start putting a democratic framework together, one capable of delivering on this vision.  This shall be dealt systematically in steps 2, 3, and 4.

Step 2 – to identify the powers Yorkshire will need to achieve the above vision.  This to include establishing new working arrangements with Whitehall and the remainder of the United Kingdom.  Step 2 to be completed sometime in August 2023.

Step 3 – to identify the various democratic structures that will need to be put in place.  Stage 3 to be completed sometime in November 2023.

Step 4 – to identify the systems needed to enable the democratic structures identified above to work both efficiently and effectively.  Step 4 will be completed sometime in February 2024.

Step 5 – the pulling of all this together to produce an outline constitution for Yorkshire.  Step 5 to be completed sometime in May 2024.

The remaining period up to 1August 2024, will be used to finalise and prepare the report for publication on that date.

To contact the Democratic Yorkshire Alliance:

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Twitter: @DemocraticYork1

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