Democratic Yorkshire’s Response to “A New Britain”

Britain, despite its size and attempts at devolution under the last Labour Government, is one of the most centralised countries in the world.

Democratic Yorkshire is a Yorkshire-based pressure group campaigning for a better system of government for our County.

We are in favour of a federal system of government for England broadly based on the Swiss model.  The Swiss model of cantonal governance provides its citizens with a direct voice in their own affairs that is without parallel in any other country, with the bulk of political power remaining in the regions. 

Far from destroying the Union, such an arrangement would, we believe, benefit, and strengthen it.

Philip Hardstone, Co-ordinator of Democratic Yorkshire said, “The promise to be consulted is fine, but we are firmly of the opinion, as a matter of principle, that it is for the people of Yorkshire to originate, discuss and shape the County’s future constitutional arrangements, not Westminster politicians.  Responding to other’s proposals is one thing, being given the opportunity to put your own forward, is quite another and what we call real democracy”

To this end, we are launching our own Citizen-led Constitutional Convention in January 2023 which will report its findings no later than Yorkshire Day (1 August) 2024, in time for the next General Election.     In the meantime, we welcome Gordon Brown’s intervention, it will doubtless be a step in the right direction, but will it go far enough in giving ordinary people a real say and redistributing power away from Whitehall and the Westminster bubble?   However as always, the devil is in the detail, and we look forward to discussing the issues raised in Gordon Brown’s report with Labour’s elected representatives over the coming months. 

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