The Big Yorkshire Conversation Survey Report

A bit of belated news; the Big Yorkshire Conversation Survey Report was published in July and may be obtained from the Yorkshire Society.

Highlights include that 53.6% of respondents consider themselves more Yorkshire than English; 73.4% agreed that Yorkshire should have more decision-making powers in the way that Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London have; and 56.3% would say ‘Yes’ if there were a referendum on the establishment of a Yorkshire Parliament.

The survey had 4514 respondents so there was a fair amount of interest. The results may have a certain amount of bias due to the way in which the survey was conducted but, as a means of furthering the Yorkshire Conversation, there is no doubt that the survey has a made a strong contribution.

We had to include this quote from the “Devolution” chapter of the report: “Finally, in answer to the question ‘could you ever imagine Yorkshire as an independent country’, nearly three quarters (71.9%) said they could not. 23.8% said they could and 4.7% did not know.”

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