The Status of the County of Yorkshire

This article was provided by Richard Honnoraty.

Busy Yorkshire

It is probably fair to say that today Yorkshire only exists as a historic county. This can be both a blessing and a curse. The anomalous regions created as a result of various local government reorganisations may be wholly or partly within Yorkshire, but they are really just there for local government administrative purposes, and many do not identify with Yorkshire.

I often find that people think they no longer live in Yorkshire because they live in places like Saddleworth, which is now considered to be part of Greater Manchester and comes under Oldham Council, or Barnoldswick which now comes under a local authority entity known as Lancashire County Council. A similar situation applies to Middlesbrough and Redcar which are now administered by Middlesbrough Council and Redcar and Cleveland Council respectively, both of which are members of the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

The blessing is that all these areas are still in Yorkshire. These people have not left the county and the county has not left them. We are all still part of the same Yorkshire community. The curse is that, as the historic county is no longer used as any sort of basis for the administration of the region, not many people are aware of its existence and the sense of the Yorkshire community could fade over time.

So, when we talk about Yorkshire and “Yorkshireness” we have to be thinking about the whole community. Everybody living within the county is part of that community. When we talk about Yorkshire we are talking about the county, not some pseudo-administrative area or artificially created region. There is only one Yorkshire which is the same community as it ever was. It still consists of the three ridings and the city of York. People have not been abandoned. The only danger is that people might forget who they are and where they live which would result in a huge loss of cultural identity, tradition, values and motivation for the future; all as a result of some moronic intervention of Westminster based English Establishment incompetence.

When we are talking about devolution and/or home rule for Yorkshire, we are talking about devolution or home rule for the county. All those aiming to represent us or discuss the future of the region should be aware that there is only one county of Yorkshire.

The future of Yorkshire is in the hands of its people.

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