Empowering Yorkshire

This article was provided by Philip Hardstone.

It is essential to Yorkshire’s future prosperity that we can compete fairly within the United Kingdom’s internal market and internationally, but first, Yorkshire’s economy needs putting on a new, stronger footing.

We only need to look at areas like Dewsbury, Batley or Spen Valley, once proud areas, to see how deindustrialisation has left parts of Yorkshire in decline. Where there are jobs, our manufacturing heritage has been replaced by call centres and warehouses where jobs are too often on short-term contracts and insecure.

Yorkshire’s industrial decline is the result of failure to modernise compared to other parts of the world. For Yorkshire businesses to compete in the future, we first need to invest much more in research and development, whether this is through public or private investment or a mixture of the two is immaterial but invest we must.

With such investment, comes a golden opportunity to rebalance all our lives, with better quality time to spend with our families.

Successive Westminster Governments have lacked the imagination necessary and as such failed us badly be they Conservative, Labour or Coalition. This is why we need a fresh beginning, with a new way of governing ourselves, one where power rests much more with the people of our county.

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