Bottom-up Approach to Politics

This article was written by Philip Hardstone. Here, he provides us with some insight into his thinking of what constitutes the bottom-up approach to politics.

I would define the bottom-up approach as starting with neighbours coming together to discuss what is needed to improve their area. This maybe extra trees being planted, resurfacing broken pathways, the need for extra play equipment for the children, activities for the old folk, better housing conditions, reducing traffic or noise pollution. The possibilities are endless.   

Communities may well decide to act themselves where they can, to bring about the necessary changes to resolve local issues and are often remarkably successful in doing so.

However, experience shows that in some cases it is difficult for neighbourhoods to resolve issues independently. This can be due to the size of the problem, lack of resources, necessarily know how, costs or time involved.

Such issues should then become the property of the local authority and if they cannot be resolved there, passed further up the ladder for the region to resolve. 

As issues move up the ladder, it may be as simple as allocating additional finance for example, or it could be that the issue is common across the whole or a large part of the region and is better handled at a regional level. 
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