Local Council Elections 6 May 2021

Philip Hardstone shares his thoughts on tomorrow’s local elections.

Philip Hardstone

Tomorrow many people will be going to the polls to elect their local councillor and in West Yorkshire a new regional Mayor.

At the end of the day, whoever you vote for doesn’t have the power to make all that much difference because Westminster keeps tight control of the purse strings.

We all know that he that pays the piper calls the tune, and that is not you despite however much Council Tax you pay.

The British constitution is complicated, no longer fit for purpose and needs replacing.

It certainly fails to meet the best interests of Yorkshire and Yorkshire folks

We are campaigning for a semi-autonomous Yorkshire.

Under our proposals, Yorkshire would still be a part of the United Kingdom but govern our own affairs free from interference from Westminster.

Yorkshire would have its own constitution, decided upon by the people, with its own municipal arrangements, legislature, executive, system of taxation, police, and courts.

Central Government would still retain responsibility for such as foreign affairs and defence, and share responsibility for transport links, energy, and safety of the environment.

This is nothing new. Germany, Switzerland, and other countries already have a similar system of Government and it offers Yorkshire a better chance.

The ability to raise our own taxes to pay for local services, independent of Westminster, would enable voters to make a genuine choice between local candidates and put the shaping of Yorkshires future, where it belongs, in the hands of Yorkshire men and women.

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