We dare to suggest a new way of doing politics

The following article was provided by the Independent Constitutionalists UK.

It really doesn’t make sense  –  there simply has to be a better way! In general elections the winning Party is granted permission to impose its policies and ideology on the rest of us, even although as few as only 25% of the electorate might have voted for them.  Clearly, this is NOT the best way to run a country!  Problems of human welfare and surviving the climate emergency require our voices to be heard and a new way of doing politics.

Imagine, then, a parliament where no Party has an overall majority, where as few as 50 Independent MPs with a true sense of duty to their constituents – NOT bound by whips, party loyalty, financial gain or cronyism – could begin to work together towards consensus. An inclusive consensus that, enriched by citizen input from local committees and assemblies, could begin at last to address the common needs and shared desires of all citizens.

Imagine, we could move on from our tired system of elected representation with its eternal adversarial confrontation to a new kind of democracy that articulates something real for representatives to speak to!

It’s called participative-representative democracy (PRD) and over the next 4 years you can begin to make it happen!

Here’s how:

•  Self organize in your area to vote for Independent candidates in the 2021 Local Council Elections  (https://www.flatpackdemocracy.co.uk/)

•  Join with others to organize a people’s assembly in your constituency to select and support one of those Local Councillors to stand as an Independent parliamentary candidate in the 2024 General Election, who is:

–  guided by IC-UK’s Declaration of Purpose (https://ic-uk.org.uk/)

–  willing to act on ethical principles, such as Martin Bell’s


–  committed to cooperating with other independent-minded MPs and activists

Imagine, through greater citizen involvement, Politics could evolve beyond a never-ending pantomime-circus of elections; through accountable representation, Parliament could become what it should have been from the beginning: a place where consensual policies – on, for example, education, health and tax reform – in the national interest can be achieved.

Participate If you support the idea of a People-Powered Parliament and PRD and would like to learn more, use the Contact page on our website or email questions@ic-uk.org.uk.

Who are the Independent Constitutionalists UK?

The Independent Constitutionalists UK started as a group of open-minded people from a wide variety of backgrounds and occupations, convinced that a national conversation about new ways of doing politics and managing the economy is long overdue.  We are not a political party. Our Declaration, the product of long, collective deliberation, is the groundwork for what we trust will be a growing movement across the country that acknowledges citizens are capable of contributing to a new way of doing politics, and ultimately of building a better, sustainable future for people and planet.

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