Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament Ceases Operating

The Bar Convent, York

We understand that the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament ceased operating recently after several months of inactivity. There were high hopes for the campaign when it was launched in July 2019. The inaugural meeting, which was held at the Bar Convent in York on 28 July, was well attended and the audience included people from most mainstream political parties as well as a host of independents and neutral observers. There was a genuine hope of building an effective political alliance to fight for Yorkshire devolution and a directly elected Yorkshire parliament.

Speakers at the launch event included Natalie Bennett, from the Green Party; James Blanchard, from the LibDems; Arnie Craven, from the Yorkshire Party; Diana Wallis, former MEP; and Dr Simon Duffy from the Centre for Welfare Reform.

The meeting was a success, but the organisation was never fully focused on campaigning. Rather than being outward looking and gathering support, it tried to focus on creating a subscription organisation. In retrospect, this was a mistake because most of the people involved were already members of various political organisations. What was needed was a focal point for the campaign.

Nevertheless, it is sad to see the organisation fold. On the other hand, the Greens; the LibDems; and the Yorkshire Party are all committed to a Yorkshire assembly of one form or another. Transforming Yorkshire is, of course, still committed to campaigning for a directly elected Yorkshire parliament.

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