Yorkshire Conversation


The Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament along with TY and others is working on the outline of a plan to define the long-term vision for devolution in Yorkshire. One of the interesting things about this concept is that it is not dependant on any imminent devolution deals so, should Leeds City Region get its own deal, this would have no negative impact on the process at all. The process will be iterative and consultative so interested parties will have every opportunity to put their case.

It is early days at the moment so we are unable to provide a list of all the topics to be covered but to give a flavour: what powers would the parliament need; strength and weaknesses of a Yorkshire parliament over that of a mayor or a committee of council leaders; the role of central government; cost benefit analysis; answering the sceptics; empowering people from every level of society; delivering economic and social prosperity and inclusion; and delivering ecological sustainability.

This almost goes back to the idea of a “Yorkshire Conversation” which was probably first proposed by Richard Carter a few years ago. At the moment it is not clear how the deliberative process would work or what impact the project would, or could, have once the conclusions had been arrived at. It is not quite a citizens’ assembly, nor is it a constitutional convention at this stage. There is still a lot to be decided but such an idea deserves support. It would be really useful if “One Yorkshire” and/or some other combination of local and central government could get behind it.

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