Richard Honnoraty Standing for Yorkshire Party

Richard Honnoraty

Richard Honnoraty, our Director, is standing as a candidate for the Yorkshire Party in the constituency of Haltemprice and Howden.

Richard said: “I believe that Westminster politics has let down Yorkshire badly. Successive governments of various political persuasions have been big on promises but short on delivery. This has led to clogged roads, crowded trains, delays at doctors and hospitals, weak education outcomes….the list goes on.

We need urgent investment in so many areas and we need to be able to pay our way which means we need a strong, confident, vibrant economy. Time and time again the government has failed to grasp the opportunity to create a strong, prosperous Yorkshire. If the government is unable or unwilling to help us make Yorkshire a socially and economically inclusive region full of hope and opportunity, then the least they can do is to give us the powers and wherewithal to get the job done ourselves. We need first rate devolution; not manifestos, strategies and vague assurances. Its time to bring government home to Yorkshire.”

3 thoughts on “Richard Honnoraty Standing for Yorkshire Party

  1. Excellent that you are standing. Good solid candidate that would represent the seat and region well. Good luck and all the best.

  2. Seriously considering voting for Richard Honnoraty. Can you please advise me of his stance on fox hunting.


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