Devolution and the Yorkshire Community

One of the great things about the Yorkshire devolution campaign so far is that, after a few false starts, the Yorkshire community has finally come together to pursue a common goal which could be of so much benefit to all. The fact that the councils came together to submit the One Yorkshire bid was a huge achievement. The Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament has people from many diverse communities and pretty much every political persuasion taking part. The fact that all these people from different backgrounds, different areas and diverse political persuasions can come together and work for a common cause is quite exciting in its own way. It certainly gives us hope for the future here in Yorkshire and makes me think that this community which has endured for well over 1,000 years could still be around for many years to come.

There are huge advantages to be gained from exploiting this spirit of community for the benefit of all. The One Yorkshire Economic Case illustrated that the economic benefits of the proposal could be in the region of £30BN per annum. This would be a bonus. The social and cultural benefits could be massive in comparison.

So why does the government not endorse One Yorkshire or, better still, the creation of a Yorkshire Parliament? It is pretty obvious that they don’t want to give up any meaningful powers. The city region concept imported from the USA is unlikely to work in the UK especially as it has already failed to provide the benefits envisaged by its promoters in the US.

In 1974 the future for Yorkshire looked bleak. The government dismembered the county and I believe that they simply thought it would disappear over time. This did not happen. The Yorkshire community is probably in better shape now than it was a few years ago. If we fight for our corner, Gods Own County will preserve its position as the best county in the world. Those who talk about devolution for the North, whilst well meaning enough, simply don’t understand Yorkshire. Brexit is proving divisive for the UK and appears to be tearing communities apart. City regions; well, enough said.

Yorkshire has a great future. Together we can have a great future. There’s a huge amount of work to be done, so let’s get on with it.

One thought on “Devolution and the Yorkshire Community

  1. Spot on Richard. Yorkshire needs first rate tried and tested powers similar to scotland or Wales. Nowt less. Power is rarely given away. It has to be taken. A convention/peoples assembly is the right way to go to get people on side to demand powers…as happened in scotland… only then will westminster listen

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