Hull Lagoon

Hull Lagoon is a flood alleviation and business development project which is currently at the concept stage. The idea is that a lagoon would be created on the Humber Estuary to protect Hull from tidal flooding. The concept would also include a relief road running around the edge of the lagoon between Hessle foreshore and Victoria Dock. This could considerably reduce congestion on Castle Street. A new outer harbour would be created to the east of the lagoon to enable the port to operate much as it does now, but this could release vast tracts of dockland areas which could be used for other purposes.

The firm behind the scheme, Lagoon Hull, is made up of local business people who have also provided the funding to get the project to its current status. A great deal of background research has already been done but it could take another 5 to 10 years of technical studies, research and so on to bring the project to the stage where construction could take place. It is estimated that the scheme could create 14,000 jobs locally and could add £1BN a year to the city’s economy. The project could cost £1.5BN and could take 5 years to build.

Clearly, such a project would require some level of public funding. At the moment it is not clear where the money could come from. Central government funds are likely to be stretched especially with the fallout from the Brexit debacle. The amazing thing, however, is that the scheme has been devised by local business people who have put in their own money to get the project this far. If it came to fruition it would be a game changer on a massive scale for Hull. It could protect the city from tidal surges whilst providing opportunities for development on a huge scale.

The costs look daunting. If it can be achieved for £1.5BN, that would represent value on a considerable scale, but I suspect costs could increase as the research brings the realities home. On the other hand, costs would have to increase very significantly to adversely affect the overall value of the scheme.

This is a project that really deserves to succeed.

4 thoughts on “Hull Lagoon

  1. On the face of it this seems like a good idea but there are a number of significant structural flaws in this proposal, which means that whilst it may come to pass , it will be a failure on a colossal scale.

  2. Many thanks for this Martin. A lot of very useful information here. I would expect the feasibility study to take all the matters you raise into consideration especially as previous projects have encountered significant problems similar to the ones you have highlighted. On the basis of the information you have given us, it looks to me as though this project could become the problem rather than the solution. This would be a shame as Hull could use something pretty spectacular. On the other hand it is better to find out early on that a project simply cannot achieve its objectives, rather than get half way through the construction stage before the flaws are found.

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