Yorkshire: “Place or Brand?” Seminar 28 Oct 2019

This seminar is taking place at the University of Hull on Monday 28 October from 12.25. It is supported by Transforming Yorkshire. See below for a summary and follow the link to book.


In the discussions about devolution or perhaps more correctly decentralisation from London to Yorkshire, the case for a One Yorkshire settlement has been made by local council leaders, MPs, peers, the Sheffield City Region Mayor, business and trade union leaders and others. Part of this proposition is, that rather than dividing Yorkshire into three or even four city regions, the Yorkshire brand is so strong that it should be a defining factor in determining the geographic scope of the devolution settlement. For example, in the report, The Economic Rationale for Devolving to Yorkshire from September 2018 submitted to the government by the 18 Yorkshire Councils, it states:

“The Yorkshire brand is considered a significant asset by business, both in terms of local and national markets and in international/outward focused activities, such as international trade and investment, and in sectors such as tourism, food and cultural industries where place-based characteristics are important.”

Yet just how strong is the Yorkshire brand? Is this more perception than reality? Do strong global brands pre-empt the strength of brands located in the region?

Bringing together academics and business practitioners, the University of Hull Business School plans a workshop -Yorkshire: place or brand? – to examine the proposition that Yorkshire is more than a county of England and that in this particular context, place and brand are both positively intertwined.

This event is open to all, and pre-booking is required.”


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