Welsh Independence Referendum by 2030

The leader of Plaid Cymru, Adam Price, has stated that there could be an independence referendum in Wales within the next decade. He said: “The UK as we know it could cease to exist in a few short years.” He claimed that Wales could get an extra £2bn as a European Union member in its own right and that Wales deserved £20bn in reconstruction funds paid for by Westminster.

Speaking at the party conference in Swansea, Mr Price also said that Plaid would introduce a payment of £35 a week for every child in a low-income family in Wales as well as providing 40 hours a week of free childcare for children over one year old. He said: “I was raised out of poverty and I can never rest until we’ve done the same for every child in Wales.”

We keep hearing about special support being given to Northern Ireland by the government. There are rumblings about independence from Scotland and now similar talk from Plaid; one has to ask whether the devolution movement is doing enough to stand up for Yorkshire’s interests.

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