Yorkshire Regional Government Campaign

We have recently clarified our position on the sort of regional government we would like to see for Yorkshire by adding the following paragraphs to our campaign statement on this website.

“Our ultimate aim is that of a regional government for Yorkshire based around the concept of subsidiarity whereby all public services within the region would fall under the remit of the regional government and its subsidiary authorities. The regional government would be drawn from a directly elected assembly. In terms of public services, the region should be self-financing. (Subsidiarity is a principle of social organisation that holds that social and political issues should be dealt with at the most immediate level that is consistent with their resolution.)

The type of government envisaged would be a more deliberative form of democracy than that which currently exists. This type of government should further empower citizens and encourage them to participate more fully in governing processes. Deliberative democracy would extend from community level right up to the regional government.”

The full statement can be viewed by following the link.


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