It seems odd that a government that appears to have lost every major vote since it came into being is still in office and still claims to represent the country in these most difficult times. The government coalition has collapsed largely due to a mutiny among its own MPs. The government has lost whatever majority it had and, therefore, it has no mandate. Boris Johnson talks about the government’s exciting new agenda but there is little point getting worked up about this if his government has no chance of passing any legislation. In these circumstances, the government could hardly be considered legitimate and, in my opinion, has no business claiming to represent the country in any negotiations with the EU.

It is almost as if the opposition is conspiring to keep the government in office by not agreeing to hold an election as soon as possible.

In the current situation an extension to the deadline for leaving the EU may be necessary to simply be able to hold elections to get a representative UK government in place which has the authority to decide to take us out of the EU and under what terms, or whatever. To leave the EU without a legitimate government in place would be a travesty which could place the whole process in jeopardy.

In the meantime, the country is in a state of purgatory. This must be ended as soon as practically possible. The current situation represents a failure of the UK government, parliament and constitution and does nothing for our standing with the rest of the world.

We desperately need a legitimate government with a mandate from the people. Then we can look forward to whatever exciting programme of legislation it decides to come up with, including the possibility of a One Yorkshire Mayor and devolution deal.

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