Constitutional Crisis

Due to the constitutional crisis and parliamentary impasse surrounding the process of the UK leaving the European Union, we have decided to postpone several activities as these risked being drowned out by Brexit related noise and chatter. The key casualty is an opinion survey that we were due to hold on the nature and form of devolution and the key interests that people have related to the topic.

We hope that the crisis is soon resolved so that the UK government can get on with governing and that the people can return to some semblance of normality so we can get on with our lives without all this uncertainty. It is clear, however, that both the UK constitution and parliamentary system need considerable improvement if they are to function effectively in the future.

At present, it is not immediately clear what the solution to the current problem will be. It is interesting to note that just to hold an election, a two thirds majority of MPs is required; yet something as significant as the EU referendum was done on the basis of a simple majority vote.

It is also interesting to note all the Brexit chatter we have had, and still get, about unelected bureaucrats from Brussels wielding too much influence over the UK. So far, all Brexit appears to have given us is an unelected government in Westminster without any form of working majority; hardly an improvement. This mess cannot be allowed to continue for much longer, otherwise there might not be too much left to salvage. An election is essential and, hopefully, some form of government of national unity will emerge.

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