Benefits of Devolution

As well as providing some form of regional authority which would focus on regional issues, would have more in depth knowledge of the problems facing us, would be closer to the people, accountable to the local electorate and could act as a voice for the region; we believe that devolution could also provide the following benefits which might be of more practical use to people as we go about our daily lives:-

Better more available and affordable social housing;

Better education;

Enhanced employment opportunities;

Better, more available adult social care provision;

Improved child service provision;

Improved and better maintained roads;

Enhanced public transport services;

Integrated public transport ticketing;

Enhanced safeguarding of the environment;

Enhanced cultural services (examples might be libraries, museums and art galleries);

Enhanced policing services;

Deliberative democracy – whereby people are consulted on decisions that would affect their lives; and

A fairer voting system.

This list is by no means exhaustive and coverage would depend to a great extent on any devolution settlement that could be negotiated. It is only intended to be an outline of some of the things we might be looking for as outcomes from the devolution process.

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