July 27th Event

The July 27th event, being held by the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament, is an opportunity for the Yorkshire devolution movement as a whole to demonstrate a unity of purpose in favour of Yorkshire devolution and, in particular, in support of a Yorkshire Parliament.

The speakers are from across the political spectrum. The Green Party, the LibDems and the Yorkshire Party will be represented at the meeting. I know that Labour and Conservative speakers were invited but were unable to attend due to various different circumstances outside the organisers’ control. Due to short notice, so far, the organisers have not been able to find substitutes from the two major parties. Others on the platform and some people I know of who have booked to attend, however, provide some level of representation from the major parties and give us a good range of political opinion. All in all, it looks as though the event could be well attended and highly interesting.

I believe it is very important to hear what people have got to say on this topic. So, if you have an opinion on Yorkshire devolution, please try to attend the event. Obviously, there will be strict rules applied during the meeting to ensure that the speakers are given full opportunity to make their case but there will be several opportunities for feedback.

I think it is very important that we take full advantage of this opportunity to make the case for, and debate devolution. I believe the topic is critical to the future of our county in so many ways. Autonomy is probably the key to future prosperity and progress. If we fail to make a proper case, then the government will continue to ride roughshod over our aspirations. If we make the case successfully, even just at this meeting, then it could be the start of a movement that could shape all of our futures for the better.

There are still a few tickets left. Please follow the link to make a booking.


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