Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament : Public Meeting 27 July

The Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament is holding a public meeting on 27 July 2019 at the Bar Convent, 17 Blossom Street, York YO24 1AQ; registration taking place at 13.15.

We need to transform Yorkshire into a county of economic and social prosperity and inclusion; a county of ecological sustainability. A county that works for all whilst safeguarding the future.

We have waited for respective English and UK governments to achieve this for us for over 1,000 years but now our patience is wearing a bit thin. Yorkshire is still among the poorer regions of the UK. Yorkshire has no voice and our communities are largely ignored by Westminster. It is an area of limited opportunity but vast unachieved potential.

In the opinion of the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament, the only way to achieve this relative prosperity, an equitable society representing all our communities, and to provide a decent sustainable future for all, is by having a Yorkshire Parliament to take care of Yorkshire’s interests.

You are invited to come join us on Saturday 27 July to help start forge that better future.

Guest speakers, so far, include:
– Natalie Bennett from the Green Party
– Simon Duffy, Director of the Sheffield based Centre for Welfare Reform
– Diana Wallis, past MEP for Yorkshire and Humber
– Cllr Andy Walker, East Riding Councillor for the Yorkshire Party

To book your place, follow the link below.

The Bar Convent, York

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