Transforming Yorkshire Supervisory Meeting

A Transforming Yorkshire supervisory meeting was held on Sunday 21 April 2019.

The current anarchic management structure was discussed. This had both advantages and drawbacks. There was effectively no organization and, therefore, no rules. This meant that there was no pressure on anybody to produce anything. People tended to do their own thing and made contributions as and when it suited them. On the other hand, this resulted in haphazard content which could be highly interesting and very relevant in its own right but sometimes lacked context. There were, evidently, unwritten standards around content which contributors always adhered to.

The exception to this “laissez faire” form of management was the research unit but even here there was a lack of clarity of purpose.

A question was raised regarding why the group existed when others stood for the same things. The answer given was that the group had its own unique perspective. Our ultimate aim was that of a regional government for Yorkshire based around the concept of subsidiarity whereby all public services within the region would fall under the remit of the regional government and its subsidiary authorities. The regional government would be drawn from a directly elected assembly. In terms of public services, the region should be self-financing.

No other group had these aims.

We recognized that it could take a long time to achieve such aims and that we could not hope to achieve these on our own, which is why we supported such groups as “One Yorkshire”, the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament and the Yorkshire Devolution Movement. It was also recognized that along the way we might have to accept something short of our ultimate aims as a form of “stepping stone” towards these.

The issue of finance was discussed. Whilst we never had enough money, there were always sufficient funds to keep the group going.

In conclusion, it was agreed that the group lacked focus. The group needed to be aware of and to assert its own unique identity. It was agreed to form an executive to manage the day to day running of the group. The possibility of forming an advisory board should also be explored.

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