Benefits of a Yorkshire Parliament

The following article was written by Philip Hardstone, Secretary of the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament.

Understandably, I am often asked what difference I think a Yorkshire Parliament would make.

It will mean that we will be able to make decisions affecting our own, our children’s and grandchildren’s futures. It will enable us to shape our county’s future in the interests of the people who live here.

We envision an economically and socially inclusive Yorkshire. A Yorkshire where no one is left behind because of which part of county they were born or live, or any other personal circumstance.

A Yorkshire where each citizen reaches their maximum potential whether that is in academia, business, their career, sport, the arts, craft making or whatever their personal choosing.

Yorkshire is home to some of the most wonderful scenery imaginable, full of wildlife and adventure – it is important that we remain good stewards of this important heritage, that its fit to pass on to future generations.

Sadly, this is not everywhere. There are also areas such as my home town of Batley that are blighted by our dirty industrial past and suffering urban decay.

We envision a Yorkshire full of new, modern, clean, well-paid jobs including jobs in our manufacturing industries.

A Yorkshire free of the decay still left behind from its industrial past, transformed to places of beauty, clean and fresh, full of green spaces, clean habitable becks and rivers.

This all amounts to a tall order, but it’s the right one for our county.

We believe that such a tall order can only be achieved by a Parliament consisting equally of fair elected representation from every city, town, village and hamlet across Yorkshire.

A Parliament close to the people, that works with each local community and community of interest to identify their needs and aspirations, then supports and works with that community to realise its ambitions.

We are but a small group facing a huge task, if you feel that you can help us, in any way, please drop an email to

The Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament is holding a ‘Supporters Event’ at the Brian Jackson Children’s Centre in New North Parade, Huddersfield, HD1 5JP between 1pm and 4.30pm on Saturday, May 25. For further details or to book your place, please email:

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