Yorkshire Party Leader Resigns

Stewart Arnold, the leader of the Yorkshire Party, has resigned from the party.

It is not clear what impact this will have on the party, but Mr. Arnold was prominent in many of their activities and in much of their publicity. Mr. Arnold was a founder member of the party and has been very active over the last few years in establishing the Yorkshire devolution movement as a whole. He was also a founder member of the Yorkshire Devolution Movement. When we contacted Mr. Arnold on Thursday, he said that he would be taking a break but that he was still as committed as ever to the Yorkshire devolution campaign. Mr. Arnold did not elaborate on the reasons for his resignation, over and above the fact that there were some differences between himself and some others in the party management team over some internal party management issues.

One thought on “Yorkshire Party Leader Resigns

  1. Stewart Arnold has done a great deal to pioneer and promote the cause of devolution to Yorkshire. A good and honest man, it is a huge pity that he has felt the need to step down as leader of the Yorkshire Party. He will be a difficult act to follow.

    I can only wish him well for the future

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