Leeds Transport Funding Transformational

In 2017 Leeds was awarded £173.5 million to improve transport. This is being spent on new bus priorities on 10 major corridors which is expected to bring improvements in journey times. The funding is also being spent on better park and ride facilities and real time information for passengers. In addition, First Leeds has committed to introducing 400 lower emission Euro VI buses. We understand that 284 of these vehicles will be new.

I recently sampled the Temple Green park and ride facility which is situated just off junction 45 of the M1. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to find and that there were plenty of available spaces. The bus journey into the city was quite quick and the fare was very reasonable, although there were few people on the bus. The bus stop in the city is on Boar Lane, quite close to City Station. The return journey was just as straightforward though much busier as it was rush-hour. The car journey back to the East Riding was made in very heavy traffic but it was still fairly quick as much of it was along motorway and dual carriageway.

The interesting thing about this journey is that the new park and ride facilities now mean it is possible to do such a journey on a daily basis. So, my part of the East Riding is now potentially in the Leeds city “go to work” area. This opens up all sorts of opportunities for those of us living in this area, although I am not sure I would relish such a journey every day in the depths of winter. However, it is pretty obvious that the Leeds catchment area now extends way beyond the boundaries of the “city region” and makes something of a mockery of that concept whilst giving more credence to the idea of One Yorkshire.

Well done Leeds! This can only be good for the economy of the city and that of the county.

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