Yorkshire Parliament Means Business

The Yorkshire Parliament could offer Yorkshire businesses a dedicated business department whose job would be to support and encourage existing businesses to grow and to help new businesses develop by providing access to facilities, finance and expertise. Department staff and facilities would be on hand to provide information and advice on opportunities, incentives, regulations and compliance matters. The unit would also be on hand to encourage: marketing of the Yorkshire brand; the relocation of existing businesses from elsewhere to Yorkshire; inward investment to the region; and, together with partners, help facilitate international trade with the region.

The Yorkshire Parliament would ensure that public services were properly funded and were business focused in their operations, not to the detriment of others, but to ensure that compliance with all and any regulations was achievable at a reasonable cost. Compliance with regulations would be made as simple and as practical as possible.

The Yorkshire Parliament would be focused on improving infrastructure within the region, especially transport. This could provide better transport facilities for employees. It might also enlarge “go to work” areas which could in turn provide better choices for employees when it came to looking for work and also provide employers with a larger pool of labour. Both employers and employees would benefit from better travel times and a better environment.

By focusing on local infrastructure projects, the Yorkshire Parliament could provide businesses with extensive work opportunities; whilst giving due regard to appropriate regulations and value for money. In turn, these opportunities could feed through to provide support for the wider economy. It is not a given that local companies would be successful in obtaining this work but it is almost certain that most of the people employed on the contracts would be from the region.

The Yorkshire Parliament would focus on providing skilled workers to meet current and future employment requirements; not just by providing a world class education system but also by seeking to understand current and future staffing needs of employers and by liaising closely with businesses to keep abreast of current and potential developments.

These are just some of the ways a Yorkshire Parliament could help business. Some may be met by current service provision but it is clear that improvements can be made. By focusing on regional issues and trying to understand local needs, the Yorkshire Parliament should be able to make a significant contribution to the economy.

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