Yorkshire Parliament

The Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament appears to be making some progress. A steering group was elected at the inaugural meeting on 10 November and this management committee met on 24 November, again in Huddersfield. At this meeting four officers were elected. Bikatshi Katenga was elected Chairperson. The other officers elected were Kieron George, Vice Chairperson; Richard Honnoraty, Treasurer; and Philip Hardstone, Secretary.

We understand that the group is planning a launch event on 2 March in York and that some work is being undertaken on communications. Clearly some improvement needs to happen fairly quickly on the communications front because very little information on the campaign has been released so far.

There is some information on how to become a supporter on the campaign’s website but it is not clear what rights supporters have and whether or not supporters are the same as members.

We fully support the vision of the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament, and whilst not wishing to incur the wrath of our own principal, some further information on how people can support the campaign in a practical sense and on the future governance arrangements for the campaign would be most helpful.

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