Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament : Inaugural Meeting

The Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament held its inaugural meeting on Saturday 10 November at the Brian Jackson Centre in Huddersfield. Following a short presentation from Philip Hardstone (Acting Secretary), the meeting adopted a constitution and elected a steering group. The meeting went on to discuss the purpose and a vision for the parliament. The discussion included how such a body could make a really positive contribution to Yorkshire and to the lives of the people who live and work here.

The issue of whether a parliament might be seen as just another tier of government was raised. This idea was rejected by the meeting and it was emphasised that the parliament would streamline the process of government by removing unnecessary complexities whilst preserving the roles of local councils. The whole idea was to bring government closer to the people, but it was accepted that the campaign would have to work on getting this message across. A strategy for the creation of a parliament was explored.

The fist meeting of the steering group is due to take place at the same venue on Saturday 24 November. One of the main items on the agenda will be the election of members to key positions within the group.

CYP Inaugural Meeting Group Photo

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